It’s much better to deal with your mortgage problems now than wait for the Sheriff to show up at your door.

There are regular foreclosure workshops through Maryland. Bring your paperwork, come sit down and let a competent attorney explain your options to you.  There are regular Foreclosure Solutions Workshops throughout the state of Maryland.  Hundreds of lawyers volunteer their weekends and evenings to offer one-on-one consultations.  You do not have to be in foreclosure to get a consultation.

Check the events page for the next event.

I know it is frustrating trying to find help. It is also frustrating trying to help. There are hundreds of foreclosure attorneys that have donated thousands and thousands of hours lobbying congress to change the foreclosure and bankruptcy laws, staffing foreclosure seminars like the ones listed on the Events page AND taking pro bono cases for homeowners like yourself.

Do yourself a favor – DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO GET HELP. Be appreciative of the personal time the attorneys are willing to give you. Understand that the time they give you is time they cannot spend earning $ to pay their own mortgage. Make it as easy on them as possible: 1. Don’t wait until the last minute and then demand a miracle, 2. Be honest and complete in all your answers, 3. Provide all documents requested immediately, 4. Don’t be difficult. :-)